Photo of artist by Tariq Terey

Allison Moore is a visual artist primarily working with silver based photography.  She also has backgrounds in sculpture and rope tying.  Allison had a camera in her hand from her earliest memories.  Starting with a little folding 110 camera, then moving on to a 35mm point and shoot in elementary school forming the foundation of her love for black and white film.  In high school, she developed a love for portraiture and photographing people.  She has continued following that passion and has been primary been working with the silver based photo process since 2009.

This love for photography runs in the family.  Her great-grandfather, Wiley Edward McCormick, opened Wiley Studio in Marion, Indiana in the 1940's.  With Allison's great-grandmother they ran the studio based in portraiture, colorization of black and white photos, and manually retouching photos directly on the negatives.  In the years since his passing, Allison has been working through sorting and properly archiving his body of work.  There is a sense to his work, a sense of déjà vu, that they see the world in the same way.  Almost as if they saw through the same eyes.
Wiley Studio 1948
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